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Senin, 06 Juni 2016

News Articles

Talking With the Chief Coordinator of Indonesian Literature

Hello everyone ,now I want to share my experience when my lecturer Mr.Rosyid gave me an assigment to interview a chief coordinator of indonesian literature. Actually this is a group assignment, so I choose Septina Happy Berlyananda as my partner, and we tried to find the office of Mrs. Sri Nani Hariyanti, M. Hum. A few days ago. Fortunately, when we visited her office, she was able to be interviewed by us.
          Mrs. Sri Nani Hariyanti, M. Hum. is a Chief Coordinator of Indonesian Literature. She is from Kebumen. She has two children. She had been in this position since a year ago, exactly in 2015. Besides being a Chief Coordinator, she also teaches many subjects in some faculties, such as the Old Javanese Language and Indonesian literature. She is teaching in Faculty of Humanity, Economics, Agriculture, Law, and Nursing. She also teaching in the other universities, there are Unwiku, Akbid and Literaly Open University.  With all this position, of course she has a perquisite. In this interview , she told us about her feeling when she handling  both of this positions. At first, she quite difficult to manage her time when she  has to attending any meetings, teaching and making a time for her family. Moreover, her little daughter often complain due to her mother rarely has time together. But she always tries to make everything easy.
          Since the beginning of teaching until now, she feels there is a lot of progress in the learning process. Generally, the process of teaching and learning is good enough, therefore the Indonesian Literature has “B” accreditation. In fact, the alumnus of Indonesian Literature have a good potential to get a job. She hopes Indonesian Literature has higher accreditation in the future and also a good things for Faculty of Humanity.

Senin, 23 Mei 2016

"Infinitely Yours" Book Review

Hello fellas!
How’s your day? It’s been a while since my last post
J . I want to review my latest book called “Infinetely Yours” that written by Orizuka. A female author from Indonesia. It’s published by Gagas Media.
First of all let see the synopsis:

Orang bilang, pertemuanpertamaselalukebetulan. Tapi, bagaimanacaramumenjelaskanpertemuan-pertemuankitaselanjutnya? ApakahTuhancampurtangan di dalamnya?
Kita bukanlahduagaris yang taksengajabertabrakan. Sekerasapa pun usahakitaberdua, salingmenjauhkandiri—danmenjauhkanhati—padaakhirnyaakanbertemukembali.
Kautakpercayatakdir, aku pun tidak. Karenanya, hanyaadasatucarauntukmembuktikannya….
Kau, aku, danperjalananini.
“Kocak! WajibdibacadandikoleksiKpoppersmaupun non-Kpopperssupayalebihmengenal Korea! Jjang!” – Edwin Joo, head admin of http://KoreanUpdates.com

“Di bawahsihirromantisme Korea, duakepribadianberbedabertualangbersama. A very funny yet entertaining love story!” – Lia IndraAndriana, penulisSeoulMate

Jingga was playing her PSP while waiting for her group tour when someone crashed on her and made her game console’s sliding freely on the floor. Before she could save it, a trolly accidently grinded it out. She still couldn’t had an idea what was happened when a guy with big Rayban gave her a card and asked her to contact him two weeks later to compentation its damaged because he’s in hurry. Jingga took it and the guy passed through to the departure’s gate. Inside, Jingga met him again as they were in the same group. Because they will be together in the vocation, the guy who told her name was Rayan, promised to responsible her PSP as soon as he find ATM.

The tour guide, Mr. Darma give an instruction that they had to look after each other mate. Rayan was very guilty and wonder he would be the Energizer Rabbit’s mate, Jingga. Rayan gave her that called because he found that girl, who Rayan thought she was about 17 or so, are very active, over energy, noisy, and annoying. The doubt was right. They shared seats on airplanes which made they were couple who had to take care each other till the vocation end.

On the way, Jingga had never lose words or even tired. She keep annoyed Rayan about K-pop or anything bout Korean. Rayan actually hates it. He hates Korea also everything about it because it has take over someone who he loves most. Instead, the girl on his side was keep blabbering about a tour guide that she met last year in Seoul who she found very attractive to her. He just like a K-pop star. She keep asking Rayan his opinion about the tour guide’s
guy by his picture she took last year. She very proud to present it to him but he just say that the guy is beautiful. He truly thought that Korean guy has a beautiful looks. He thought if this girl dating with the guy, he could decide who’s prettier.

But when they arrived in Incheon International airport, Rayan found a passport on the floor. It must belong to one of his tour group. When he take a look who’s the owner, he couldn’t believe that it possessed to the noisy girl and he just saw that she was born on 86. It unbelievable for him because the girl had acted like a teenager all this time. And he realized something that she also called him uncle but the case is he was just three years older of her. The unlucky day goes on. On the bus he had to shared seats again. And the girl kept on talking when he dying tried to not give her any attention. Jingga was very shocked when the guy beside her was look alike one of Korean actor. But she couldn’t understand why the guy is very bad, cold, and clumsy. Unlike the Korean actor. But she keep on talk as much as she can with him just to made them not awkward because she hates awkward. At last she met her prince charming Yun Jae. The tour guide. She’s just dreaming of him over a year and got chance to makes it true but another destiny pulled her out. She had to skipped and through a journey with Rayan who was looking for his x-girlfriend. And the journey begins…

After met his girlfriend Mariska, who decided to married a Korean guy, they decided to go back to the tour instead they found that the tour had go far away from there. At a moment, Rayan had robbed by someone so he had to hang everything to Jingga. Jingga decided to give him a ‘Romantic Tour’. They visited some places which symbol of romantic in Seoul. There’s a place that you could wish for everlasting relationship by only hang a locked on the gate and threw away the key. They tried it even though Rayan had to throw away his shamed to do it. By Jingga’s forces, Rayan finally do it. In every moments, Jingga collect as much pictures of Rayan as she could take by Instax and stick it to a journal book. Rayan let her do it because she can’t do anything except let her do anything she wanted. They also buy couple T which was very odd to Rayan. He never wore a purple hoodie which looked cute on him in his entire life. He cursed it because this girl he just known succeed make him wore it. Not also the hoodie, Jingga bought a couple ring to him and forced him to put it on his finger.

The Romantic Tour goes on as Rayan found Jingga as a freak but also cute girl. He couldn’t believe his thoughts. He just compliment Jingga, the most annoyed and noise girl he ever met. But he can’t deny it as his Romantic Tour with Jingga must be over and joined back with their first group tour. And something distracted him. He figured out that Yun Jae had the same feeling with Jingga. He punched him as a responsible for kidnapped Jingga for days. Yun Jae gave him warned not to get near to Jingga. For a while, Rayan wouldn’t want to give up but he saw something that made him backup and give up.

In ending of the story Rayan and Jingga has been reunited again, both of them still wore the ring that they bought together, and Rayan reveal his love to Jingga........The End~.

For me, this book is very entertaining and easy to read. The plot wasn’t complicated. Very enjoyable to read and funny. The dialogue mixed with sense of humor. The thoughts and words of Rayan had always made me laugh because he usually says something funny of his cynical sense. Besides, it more like drama which we can find in serial tv. That’s why it’s cute for me. though It’s a little bit unlogical but it supposed to entertain so what's the matter? And they talked about destiny. Chances and accidents but they also destiny. It’s not about love story but also a vocation in a beautiful country. Orizuka once said she never come to Seoul. It’s funny when she could write a perfect story like this. Told the readers about how beautiful Seoul is. I could imagine the whole city in my mind.

Thanks for reading guys. I really wish you enjoy my post 

Selasa, 19 April 2016


You Are Pretty Little Thing

20 years ago, there was a girl who lived in dormitory and has a big dream. That is me, Siska. I was in semester 4 that days, I am study at IAIN Surabaya. Campus, college organization, food, and dormitory were my world. Those are very boring. In the beginning, I am going to tell you about my life in the dormitory. Every morning, at 4 p.m., I started our daily activities. I and my friend prayed, read Al-quran, and clean the dormitory together. There was an unforgettable woman in the dormitory. She is the dormitory’s owner’s wife, and she was very generous, wise, and friendly. She was the one who led us praying everyday. After the subuh pray, we did one of the most boring activities, wiridan. I think every moslem think so, because it takes pretty long time to finish it.
There was an unforgettable woman in the dormitory. She is the dormitory’s owner’s wife, and she was very generous, wise, and friendly. She was the one who led us praying everyday. After wiridan, we should read the holy Al-quran again for a certain time until the sun rises, because most of us need to go to campus. Then, the thing I hated the most taking a shower, because I got very long queue every time I was going to campus. Athough every morning felt so hard, but I tried to enjoy the dormitory.
After campus, usually I went home in the afternoon, and spent my pastime with doing assignment, and having a chat with some guys in the campus through smartphone messenger. It was pretty obvious that I was quite popular in the campus and my dormitory, because I was kind of pretty and easy going. Sometimes I also did stupid stuffs that made all of my dorm friends laughed and ill-feel. My dorm friends felt like my family, although they were annoying sometimes, but I love them so much.
About my love story, it is pretty interesting. When I was in college, I was close with several guys, and the first one is Khoiril. He was in different faculty, but our buildings were pretty close, so I often met him. Our relationship was so short, because he was a type of guy that talked a lot on his social media, but very quiet when we met. Therefore, it was pretty boring, and it felt like nothing was special.
The following guy was Riko who was a communication science student. He was very good looking, and it seemed that he was the one that every girl wanted to be with. The first time I met him was a coincidence. We met in a flower store, when he wanted to buy a bunch of flowers for his girlfriend, but he gave those flowers to me in the end. When I tried to give the flowers back in the campus, his girlfriend who was in the same faculty with me was furious to see me. Yep, all the drama was started, and that moment made me and Rico was getting closer. However, I gave up on Rico in the end, although I actually liked him. I just felt that he was too perfect for me, and many said that he was a player.
The last guy was Dimas who was the one that I can’t forget for the rest for my life. Yes, he never disappointed me, and I felt that I was the happiest girl in the world. We had been through a lot of times and memories that are always worth remembering. Of course, there were troubles, dramas, and arguments in every relationship, but those things were not as big as our love and belief. We could handle every fight that came to us.
One day, he invited me to come to his hometown, Madura. I met his parents, and all of his family, and I was really happy. They were so kind to me, and it made me thought much further about my future with Dimas. It felt like that Dimas was the right one for me. Few months later, Dimas also visited my home in Jakarta to meet my parents, and my parents liked him, especially my mom. I was so glad to know that, and I started to talk about marriage to Dimas.
Everything suddenly changed when Dimas revealed that he was arranged by his family to marry a girl. It had been a kind of Madura culture that every family should arrange their kids’ marriage, and it was forbidden for Madura people to marry Javanese. I felt so rough and broken to hear that truth, and it felt that my life was over.  Nevertheless, Dimas did not just leave me alone and marry the girl. He was still there for me, and it made me happy. However, it was just for a while, until he was really gone, and never came back again.

There were only sadness, pain, and disappointment that I felt for weeks. All of my friends were so sorry for me, and they made me to forget that loss, although it took quite long time. Then, I realized that friends were priceless for me, and I was just focus on my study.  

Senin, 11 April 2016

Movie Review

How to Train Your Dragon 2

“How to Train Your Dragon 2” is an American 3D animation movie which was released in the middle of 2014. This movie which was produced by Dreamworks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox, belongs to fantasy action movie. It is actually the sequel of the first outstanding animated movie, “How to Train Your Dragon” which was released in 2010. Then, there are also many well-known actors that were involved in this movie, such as, Jay Baruchel, Gerrard Butler, Craig Ferguson, and Jonah Hill.

The movie started when Hiccup drove his dragon, Toothless, going on adventures to explore new places. That was five years after the clash between the Vikings of Berk with dragons was over. Hiccup was actually bored to be in Berk, because his father, Stoick, as the chief of the village, kept pressing him to prepare himself to be the next chief of the village.

When Hiccup was having a rest, Hiccup’s girlfriend, Astridcame by with her dragon, Stormfly, to join the adventure. In the middle of their adventure, Stormfly was captured by dragon trappers which were led by Eret. However, Hiccup and Toothless could beat the dragon trappers that were apparently ordered by Drago, Stoick’s old enemy. After bringing Stormfly back, Hiccup tried to find Drago to make peace, but, in the middle of his trip, he and his dragon were kidnapped by a group of huge dragons. Those huge dragons were commanded by a woman, named Valka, who was apparently Hiccup’s lost mother. Valka lived in a dragons’ nest which thousands of dragons lived there, and there was also the alpha of the dragons, called Bewilderbeast that could control smaller dragons.

Meanwhile, Astrid and her friends were caught by Drago who apparently had another alpha. He used Astrid and the dragons to bring him to Berk. Then, Drago and his dragon army went to Berk to capture other dragons. Nevertheless, in his way to Berk, Valka and her dragons stopped them, but it was not successful as Bewilderbeast was beaten by Drago’s alpha. After that, Drago’s alpha controlled Toothless, and made it to kill Stoick.

Then, Hiccup and his friends rode the baby dragons, which could not be controlled by any alphas, to distract the Drago’s alpha. Meanwhile, Hiccup confronted Drago who were riding Toothless, and finally succeeded to get his dragon back in consciousness. Both Toothless and Hiccup attacked the alpha repeatedly, that broke its control over the other dragons. Then, all of the dragons attacked the alpha, until its left tusk was broken. That defeat made the alpha and Drago went away. In the end, Hiccup was pointed as the successor of his father, to be the chief of the village, and Toothless became the new alpha of all dragons.

In my point of view, the movie is very attractive and entertaining, because the story is very interesting and well-organized. Besides, there are also many positive values that we can get from the movie. It tells us that love and hard work will pay off, and it clearly explains that animals have its feelings, and need to be loved. However, there are also two points that make me a little bit disappointed. First, the movie is a bit confusing when it does not directly explain that Stoick was dead. Then, it is not too good for children to show kissing scene (between Astrid and Hiccup). Overall, it is very nice movie, so I recommend all of you to watch this movie, because this movie proves that animated movie is as good as non-animated movies.

Here is some pictures of the movie.

Senin, 04 April 2016


picture by google
It is just me waking up from a dream

That one star, that become dark again

Goodbye, I greet clumsily

In the time we spent, just for a minute

In the same space, stay for a minute

In that short moment, it is everything

Beyond the long way

In a distance, far away place

I, who cross our white memories

Let's meet again...

One of these years

One of these nights

This poetry tells about a girl who miss someone in the past and can not forget the memories.

Senin, 28 Maret 2016


Welcome to My Blog Everyone J

Firstly, I would like to thank to Allah SWT for giving me an opportunity to create this blog. It is really something for me because it is the first time I create a blog. Then, there are also plenty of thanks to my Creative Writing lecturer, Mr. Rosyid Dodiyanto, who has guided me about how to create a blog. Without him, I would probably have no idea about what I was going to write. His patience and kindness helped all of the students in his class. 

My name is Fitri Sabrina Alwiyah. I am an English Diploma Program student in Jenderal Soedirman University which is located in Purwokerto Central Java. I am 20 years old, and at this moment I am in the fourth semester.

The main purpose of creating this blog is to fulfill my assignment in Creative Writing class. In this blog, I would like to post a lot writings about my experiences, articles, stories, movies, and many more. It would be really great if you could give me advice, or critics for my writings, because those can help me to improve my writing skills.

Hopefully, my writings will be very useful and entertaining for all of you and people around you.
Thank you for visiting this blog.